The Tuta Absoluta infestation in 2017 on tomatoes almost rendered everyone bereft of Vitamin C. Tomato, a staple fruit that’s been used to cook in restaurants and in almost every home became very scarce and as such the prices went astronomical. Why? The pest, Tuta Absoluta, ‘flew in’ from Niger into the northern parts of our dear country, the principal hub for the plantation of our darling tomato, the main source of lycopene- a major antioxidant that prevents several types of cancer. The question to ask are these: why must we wait for crude oil to continue performing its ‘magic’ while we have fertile lands around our houses that accommodate the subsistence planting of tomato? Must we depend heavily on the North before we can nourish our bodies with Vitamin C?

While there have been several blame games and pity parties going on all over the years about corruption and greed that has soiled the hands of various arms of government due to the mismanagement of our Oil Boom, we have decided to abstain from such. We do not need to fight to be an agent of change. Instead, we can look inwards and direct our innovative energies into something more revolutionary: Art and Poetry! I believe we can switch on our lamps and shine our lights on this new path- using our creative abilities and artistry to create awareness about food, and agriculture in general. And while we are at it, we can donate to hunger ridden communities and teach them to be self-dependent and self-evolving.

We should all be farmers, at least, we have ‘twin’ green colors in our national flag and they signify fertility, chief of which is agriculture.

ONE HOME, ONE FARMER, the principal theme for WORLD FOOD DAY 2017 was successful with contributions from renowned poets and artists like Tade Ipadeola, Uche James Iroha, Yusuf Durodola, Ademola Ajayi, Rufus Ashiru, on Saturday, 14TH October, 2017, to drive home the awareness and advocate for subsistence agriculture and possibly encourage every full-blooded Nigerian family to devote a portion of their homes, no matter how little into planting food crops.

Sales of pictures are still on-going which will fund Foodbank Nigeria and SheAgric’s efforts to reduce hunger in Nigeria.

Olawale Oluwadahunsi

Creative Content Director, Fingerprints.

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